I’m back!!!

I know, I know… hold the applause until the end because we, my friends, have a lot to discuss!

First, I would like to thank each one of you for being so patient with me over the past few months as I transitioned from United States Airman to United States…. college student? It has been a wild ride and being called Mister instead of Airman or Sergeant will take some time but I’ve bought a new home, completed all my paperwork for the VA(I think) spent some long overdue time with family and have moved two times over 3 states. It’s been….fun? Now I am ready to bring you the content you deserve!

My return comes with a lot of changes including a major change in the direction of this blog. I know what you’re thinking… “change is never good” but I would like to disagree because change brings growth and that’s fundamental to a happy life.

  1. The first change will be a shift from the focus of selling It Works! products to general wellness and happiness. I have been using the products for the past 3 months and the verdict is in….I love them. I want you all to understand this isn’t a problem with the product but a problem of time commitment as well as a dislike for their loyal customer program. I’ll still keep my site up and running if you’d like to view, discuss or purchase the products however, I will be doing much less advertising.
  2. I want to incorporate what I learn as a psychology student and help us all find a little more happiness and mental clarity in life. Not only will I use that knowledge but I will periodically have posts about fitness, happy stories and guest writers so that we get a good blend of content to keep you entertained and on track.
  3. Last but not least I want to get you more involved. We are in this life together and in a time of complete political and social turmoil it is imperative that we come together. Seriously, no matter who you are I want you to feel welcome here.

well H2H community, be expecting captivating content consistently from this point out (minus midterms and finals weeks!)

Finally, the dog pictured above is my little 2-year-old Border Collie, Bentley. He is the one thing in this world I can turn to and feel completely happy. Which brings me to my first challenge: comment below with something that makes you happy and tell us why it makes you happy.

Until next time,

May happiness find you.